The Dachshund Temperament

Are you contemplating adding a Dachshund to your family but want to learn about their temperament first?  Well, you’ve come to the perfect place – keep reading to learn all about the Dachshund temperament.

The Dachshund TemperamentAlthough the Dachshund is not an extremely large dog, their personalities certainly are!  Therefore it’s vital you learn all you can about the Dachshund temperament before you adopt one as part of your family.  The following are just some aspects of the Dachshund temperament that you should be aware of.


One of the fantastic aspects of the Dachshund temperament is their loyalty and lovingness towards their owners.  Dachshund’s become extremely attached to their owners and this usually lasts for life.  Therefore Dachshund’s would not only be a great addition to any family, but they can also make a great companion for someone living alone.


One of the major parts of the Dachshund temperament you need to be aware of is stubbornness.  Because of this it’s vital if you own a Dachshund that you train them properly and also show them that you are the alpha leader.  There are lots of ways you can establish this alpha leadership position.  Some of these ways is to only feed your Dachshund once everyone in your family has eaten or to always walk out the door prior to them.  If you establish this alpha leadership position early on then your Dachshund will be less likely to act stubborn.


The Dachshund is one extremely brave little dog and they love to put their nose to the ground and explore their surroundings.  They are also prone to digging so if you have a garden then be prepared for some holes!


Although Dachshund’s have a brave side, they can still act shy or reserved around new people.  However, once they have spent some time around a new person they will soon come out of their shell.


The Dachshund may not be a big dog but they are still energetic!  To get rid of some of their energy you need to exercise your Dachshund daily.  You can exercise your Dachshund in lots of ways – from walks to playing with toys in your backyard to going on a trip to the beach or park.


Another aspect of the Dachshund temperament is intelligence.  This is a great personality trait however it does still come with some negatives.  For example you could ask your Dachshund to do one thing but because they are smart they may decide that they don’t want to do that and instead will just go and do their own thing.


The best thing about the Dachshund temperament is that they are fun!  There is always something going on when there is a Dachshund around.  Plus they love to have all the attention on them!  This personality trait again makes them a great choice of pet.

As you can see from the above, the Dachshund temperament is undoubtedly varied but has many positive attributes.  If you feel you can handle the Dachshund temperament then you will certainly be rewarded by adding a Dachshund to your family!