Dachshund Training Tips

Have you got yourself a new Dachshund?  Is it time to start training them?  Well the following Dachshund training tips will help you on your way!

Dachshund Training TipsYour Training Goals

Before we begin with the Dachshund training tips, there are two main goals you need to have in mind when going through the training process:

  • The first of these goals is to create a great relationship between you and your Dachshund.  This involves showing your Dachshund that you are the alpha leader of your family (or pack in Dachshund terms).  If you do this then your Dachshund will be more likely to listen to you during the training process.  There are a number of ways you can establish this important alpha leadership position.  Firstly, always eat your meals before your Dachshund and secondly, always make sure you go through a doorway before your Dachshund.  The sooner you start doing these simple things the sooner your Dachshund will see that you are the alpha leader.  And as previously mentioned, this will make the training process a whole lot easier!
  • The second Dachshund training goal is to HAVE FUN!  Training should not be a daunting task at all.  If you have established your alpha leadership position prior to starting training then your Dachshund should respect and listen to you more.  This in turns means both you and your Dachshund will get a lot more out of training making it a lot more fun! 

Dachshund Training Tips

Now that we have established the goals you should strive for, we can move on to some Dachshund training tips.

  • One of the most important Dachshund training tips you need to know about is repetition and persistence.  This means being patient!  Your Dachshund will not learn everything straight away and it will take time.  This is where repetition comes in.  You need to repeat the commands over and over again before they will stick in your Dachshund’s mind.  It’s a good idea to take time each day to repeat these commands.  The more you repeat, the sooner your Dachshund will learn!  So remember these two keys things when Dachshund training: REPETITION and PERSISTENCE.
  • Another one of the key Dachshund training tips is learning not to hit your Dachshund or yell at them if they do something incorrectly.  Yelling will just confuse your Dachshund and will make the training process a whole lot harder.  Instead only use positive reinforcement when they do something well.
  • Consistency is another one of the important Dachshund training tips you need to learn.  It’s vital that you are consistent throughout the entire training process.  If you are not consistent then your Dachshund may get extremely confused which in turn makes training very difficult.  For example if you decide on a specific command such as “sit” then stick with this.  Do not change it to “sit down now” at a later date.  You should also be consistent with your house rules.  For example, if your Dachshund is not allowed on your couch then never, ever allow them up onto the couch.  Do not break the rule and let them up for a little cuddle now and then – this is just confusing behaviour for your Dachshund and they will not learn the difference between right and wrong.  So stick with your rules and be consistent!

Dachshund training is not hard however it does require a lot of time and patience.  But if you do put in the time to train your beloved dog then not only will you have a well trained Dachshund, but you will also create a strong bond between you and your pet.  So use these Dachshund training tips in this article and start the training process today!  You won’t regret it!