About the Dachshund Breed

The Dachshund Breed make great pets due to both their fantastic personalities and their unique physical appearance.

About the Dachshund BreedKeep reading to learn some interesting facts all about the Dachshund breed.

  • One of the interesting things about the Dachshund breed is that there are three different types of Dachshund – the long haired Dachshund, the short haired Dachshund and the wired haired Dachshund.  Each of these Dachshunds can come three sizes – standard, miniature and toy.
  • Dachshund’s can come in a number of colours including black, red, chocolate, crème, blue and tan to name a few.
  • One of the unique things about the Dachshund breed is their ‘sausage’ like shape.  This is caused by the Dachshund’s body being much longer than their short legs.
  • The Dachshund has almond shaped eyes and a long muzzle.
  • A great thing about the Dachshund breed is their personality.  The Dachshund is an incredibly fun dog and always likes to be the centre of attention.  They are also very loving and become very attached to their owners.  Other aspects of the Dachshund’s personality include intelligence, braveness and the not so fantastic trait of stubbornness.  Although the Dachshund breed does have this stubborn side, it can be controlled with proper training.
  • As previously mentioned, the Dachshund is a very affectionate, loyal breed who becomes extremely close to their owners.  Because of this, not only does the Dachshund make a great family pet, but also a fantastic companion for a senior person or someone living alone.
  • When learning about the Dachshund breed, many people are curious as to how long the Dachshund will live.  The answer is this – a healthy Dachshund will live approximately twelve to fifteen years.
  • An important aspect you need to note about the Dachshund breed is that they have very sensitive backs and are prone to slipped discs.  Therefore it’s really important to handle your Dachshund very carefully so as not to hurt their backs.  Also, if you feel your Dachshund has sustained a back injury then it’s vital you take them to the vet immediately for treatment.
  • One thing you may not realise about the Dachshund breed is that they have a lot of energy for their small size.  Therefore it’s really important that if you own a Dachshund you exercise them daily.  This will also decrease the chances of your Dachshund becoming obese.  Obesity is a serious health problem for Dachshund’s as it can lead to strain on their delicate backs.
  • Due to their size, the Dachshund can live in small places including apartments that don’t have backyards.  However, if this is the case then it’s even more important that you exercise your Dachshund on a daily basis.
  • Another interesting fact about the Dachshund breed is that they originated in Germany and have been around since the 1600’s.  In these early times they were often used as hunting dogs.

The above are just some of the amazing facts about the Dachshund breed.  From the above you can see that they certainly are amazing dogs and would make a great addition to any family.